Vatican in Pope Francis Hungary ih khual a tlawn nak ding hrang logo le motto an pho lang (March 2, 2023)

Logo of Pope Francis' Apostolic Journey to Hungary (Vatican News)

Vatican in Pope Francis Hungary ih khual a tlawn nak ding hrang logo le motto an pho lang

March 2, 2023

           Tlawngkai nithum ah, Holy See Press zungpi in April 28-30 tiang Pope ih Hungary ih a Tuu khal khual tlawn nak hrang logo le motto an suah. “Khrih cu kan hmailam caan” (Christ is our future) timi cu Pope ih ram leng a khual tlawn nak avei 41 nak Hungary khuapi Budapest ih a tlawn nak ding hrang motto a si.

           Tlawngkai nikhat ah, Holy See Press zungpi ih director Matteo Bruni in an ram pi upa pawl ih sawm nak le mipi pawl ih cawm nak cohlang in Pope in Europe nisuahnak lam ram a tlawng ding tiin a than.

           Himi nithum sung a khual tlawn nak ah, Pope in ral tlan pawl, mi harsa pawl le Blessed Laszlo Batthyany-Strattmann Institute ih nauhak pawl a tlawng ding. Cuihnu ah biaknak lam pawl, clergy le ram thu nei tu pawl ral that nak hrang Missa sumnak caan khal a nei ding.

           Hungary ih mipum a hrek cu Khristian an siih, zatek 37 hrawng cu Catholic mi an si. Ukraine ih ralbuai nak a thok ihsin Ukraine mi thawng hra hrawng cu Hungary ram ah raltlan dinhmun an um tiin an ram thuthang in a than.

           Logo ih a laifang ih um mi in Danube River ih ummi Hungary ih a tumbik lilawn pi Budapest Chain lilawn mi a ti duh san a si. An ram ih khualipi le ram mi pawl cu Buda timi le Pest timi khuapi kom in din mi a si.

           Himi ruahnak in Holy Father le mi pawl ih pehtlaih awknak lilawn ih a thupit nak a lang ter. Holy See in zawng aihre le a rang  le Hungary ih zawng a sen, a rang le a hring pawl cu li lawng pi ah a pahnih in a tong aw.

           Logo cu a hlum pungsan a siih Bawi Jesuh Thi le Sa le leilungpi run tu Bawi Jesuh a ai awh. A hlum mi ih keh lam ih cross cu Pope Francis 2021 Sep 12 ih Budapest ih a rak feh nak nak von man nak asiih himi cross thawn a liam zo mi le hmailam ih pehtlaih awk nak lilawn cang ding ruahsan nak a lang ter. Vorh lam ih motto cu “Christ is our future” timi thawn “Hungary ah Pope Francis cu 3023 April 28-30” timi a si.

           Himi thuthang cu RVA thuthang ihsin kan don mi a si.


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